What is Intel Core Ultra?

What is Intel Core Ultra

On December 14th 2023, Intel introduced the latest Intel® Core™ Ultra mobile processors. Alongside this release, the inaugural generation of AI PCs debuted, harnessing AI capabilities across various operating systems and applications. In this blog, we will go into the details to answer what is Intel Core Ultra and give you a better understanding of this new technology.

What is Intel Core Ultra Processor?

Intel claims that its Core Ultra chip delivers an 11 percent boost in multi-threading performance compared to rival laptop processors such as the AMD Ryzen 7, Qualcomm Snapdragon 8cx Gen 3, and Apple’s M3 chip. Additionally, it boasts a 25 percent decrease in power consumption compared to the previous Intel Core i7 and achieves up to 79 percent lower power usage than AMD’s Ryzen 7 “within the same 28W envelope for ultrathin notebooks”.

New AI experience, performance and battery life

Intel AI boost – In each Intel Core™ Ultra processor is a new innovative 3D performance hybrid architecture, merging CPU, GPU, and NPU within a unified package. This advancement unlocks thrilling new AI functionalities, such as instantaneous language translation, automation inferencing, and enriched gaming environments. Plus, boasting over 300 AI-accelerated ISV features, you can trust that your preferred AI-enhanced software operates optimally on Intel’s Core Ultra chip. What does this mean for you as a laptop user?

  • Faster CPU response
  • High GPU throughput for large workload
  • Power efficiency NPU for lower power consumption
What is Intel Core Ultra

Immersive Graphics – Experience immersive gaming and content creation capabilities with Intel Arc™ graphics — a cutting-edge technology and a comprehensive range of features, now available on laptops.

  • Faster Frames – Intel X Super Sampling takes your gaming to the next level with AI-enhanced upscaling for peak performance with high image fidelity.
  • Ultimate Visuals – Benefit from DirectX 12 Ultimate support across all Intel Arc™ GPUs, delivering immersive gaming experiences from ray tracing, variable rate shading, mesh shading, and sampler feedback—essential elements of next-generation gaming.
  • Seamless Media Creation – Digital content creation utilizing an ultra-advanced media engine enhanced by AI to craft stunning content empowered by graphics supporting all major current media formats.
What is Intel Core Ultra

Longer Battery Life – Achieving a balance between power and performance ensures prolonged productivity even while on the go, while being unplugged from a power source. With the new Intel Core Ultra processor, it is rated to have power savings up to 25% reduction in processor’s power consumption.

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Comparing Intel Core Ultra Processor

The inclusion of an NPU comes shortly after Microsoft introduced the first Intel NPU in a Windows laptop with the Surface Laptop Studio 2. While the software giant didn’t detail how this NPU could be utilized in Windows beyond the typical Windows Studio effects, Intel is evidently laying the groundwork for chip-based enhancements, hinting at broader AI capabilities expected to debut in the next iteration of Windows.

In closing, Intel Core Ultra is a processor dedicated to unlocking and enhancing AI workloads to boost collaboration, productivity, and creativity right at your finger-tip. If you are a designer, content creator, software developer or AI engineer then it is time to upgrade to an Intel Core Ultra device today!

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