How to use a Microsoft Teams Room

How to use a Microsoft Teams Room

How to use a Microsoft Teams Room?

It’s always been hard to get people on board with new things, be it new tools, processes, especially with new technologies. When implementing new meeting room solutions, there are always some that aren’t tech-savvy or just general naysayers when it comes to anything new. A study showed that of those people who resisted the change to a Microsoft Teams Room, 80% is due to not knowing how the system work and how to operate it. Therefore, it is extremely crucial for the internal staff in the organization to understand the technology and be fully bought in.

Microsoft Teams Room might be new for some organizations, and in this blog we want to share with you 4 easy steps to schedule, join and control a Teams Room meeting once the hardware are setup, configured and installed, giving you a great and full Teams experience with the technology.

1. How to book and reserve your meeting room

There are many different ways to schedule a meeting for a Microsoft Teams Room. The simplest method is to use Outlook’s scheduling assistant and room finder.

1. In a new meeting, add the Required attendees, the Start time and the End time, then click the Room Finder button at the end of the Location field.

2. Choose the room specifics on the Room Finder. These conference rooms are set up by your IT department.

3. Once you’ve booked the meeting at the desired time, you’ll received an automatic response from the meeting room email to confirm your booking.

If you don’t have an IT team who look after your meeting rooms or if they are unsure on how to configure Microsoft Exchange settings for meeting room resource account, talk to our specialist and our professional service team today!

2. Simple one-touch-join

Once you have received an automatic response from the room, the scheduled meeting will pop on the front of room display and the touch console calendar. Current meeting will be at the top of the list, while any upcoming meetings will be shown below.

How to use a Microsoft Teams Room

To join a scheduled meeting, find your meeting on the touch console and select Join to enter. Once you’ve joined up, there is no need to setup any audio and video source as these settings were pre-configured during installation.

How to use a Microsoft Teams Room

3. Add ad hoc participants to the meeting

Adding additional participants is just a few clicks – From the touch console, type the name of the participants you want to add in the search bar.

Select the participant’s name from the search results.

Select Request to join.

4. How to share your screen in the meeting

There are two ways to share with both in-room and online participants from your personal laptop:

1. Connect your device to the cable connected to the room console and your screen will automatically cast to the front of room display and into the meeting.

2. Alternatively, with Bluetooth enabled on your laptop, use Cast from your Teams app and share the content of your laptop wirelessly to the front of room display and into the meeting. (This only works for internal staffs with the same email domain as the meeting room, external attendee who are outside of the organization cannot use the cast feature).

These are the 4 simple steps to operate a Teams Room kit – Book and start meetings on time with one-touch join, then instantly project to the display in the room and share to remote participants in just a few click of a button.

Cackle live and breath Microsoft Teams Room solution and we have a team dedicated to assist our customer on configurating Teams Room System to its full capabilities and provide training to your staff to successfully adopt this new technology. We are here to help, so talk to us today.

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