How to set up Microsoft Teams Room?

How to set up Microsoft Teams Rooms

How to set up Microsoft Teams Room?

Microsoft Teams Room is a powerful solution that empowers organizations to enhance their meeting experiences by seamlessly integrating Microsoft Teams with state-of-the-art audio, video, and presentation capabilities but the big question is, how to set up Microsoft Teams Rooms?

Whether you are a small business, a large enterprise, or an educational institution, this blog will walk you through a high level process of what is required. From determining the initial hardware requirements to the final installation, we will cover it all, making the process a breeze for you.

If you’re ready to unlock the true potential of Microsoft Teams Room and revolutionize the way your organization collaborates, read on and let’s embark on this exciting adventure together and create an environment where communication knows no bounds and collaboration knows no limits.

1. Determine how you'll use the meeting room

The first step in making any major investment in your devices for Microsoft Teams Rooms is figuring out how you’re going to be using the technology. For instance, are you more likely to be having ad-hoc meetings between small groups of around 3-5 people? If so, you may only need the basic focus room equipment.

Alternatively, if you’re going to be hosting large presentations, you might want a larger room solution, with more cameras, a whiteboard for sharing visual content, and various other tools. Keep in mind there may be some specialist requests you have for your Rooms environment too.

Cackle has a team of solution specialists that can walk with you through this journey, we live and breath meeting space deployment so be sure to reach out to our team here, and find out how to set up Microsoft Teams Rooms for your organization.

What are the benefits of using Microsoft Teams Rooms?

2. Select the hardware for your meeting space

Selecting the right video conference hardware for your meeting space is crucial to ensure seamless communication and collaboration among participants. Meeting space come in all sizes and by carefully assessing your meeting space requirements, prioritizing key features, and considering compatibility, audio quality, ease of use, budget, and scalability, you can confidently choose the ideal video conference hardware setup that will elevate your meeting experiences to new heights.

What are the benefits of using Microsoft Teams Rooms?
Based on your room size and your goals for how you’re going to be using Microsoft Teams Rooms, you can begin to list the devices and technology you’re going to need most. Your devices will fall into two categories:
  1. Teams Room on Android
  2. Teams Room on Windows
Microsoft Teams Rooms on Windows
A Microsoft Teams Rooms system on Windows utilises a dedicated Windows PC that remains in the meeting room. Unlike ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD), Teams Rooms on Windows is a dedicated Windows PC, paired with Teams Rooms certified audio & video components ensures that the solution will meet Microsoft’s performance thresholds. This is a modular hardware type of solution where the camera, microphone, speakers are individual components that connects to the computer.
How to set up Microsoft Teams Rooms
Microsoft Teams Rooms on Android
A Microsoft Teams Rooms ecosystem on Android utilises a host of different collaboration devices that are all running on Android OS. The hardware is an all-in-one device where the camera, microphone and speaker are built-in to a single unit which simplifies the entire installation process.
How to set up Microsoft Teams Rooms

With a plethora of options available, making and selecting the correct hardware can be daunting. This is why we are here to help. Reach out to our team here, tell us your requirements and we’ll recommend the optimal solution for your meeting space.

3. Pick your Microsoft Teams Rooms license

Choosing between Microsoft Teams Rooms Basic and Microsoft Teams Rooms Pro depends on your organization’s specific requirements, room size, and budget. While Teams Rooms Basic offers essential functionalities for smaller spaces and cost-effective solutions, Teams Rooms Pro caters to larger rooms and demanding collaboration needs with its advanced audio and video capabilities. Evaluating your meeting space needs will help you determine which configuration best aligns with your organization’s communication and collaboration goals.

Meeting join

Share and collaborate

Meeting engagement

Intelligent audio and video

Security and compliance

Device management

4. Resource account provisioning

Microsoft Teams Rooms resource account provisioning creates and manages dedicated meeting room accounts for Microsoft Teams Rooms devices. These accounts are specifically designed to handle the configuration, scheduling, and management of Teams Rooms devices within an organization. 

It ensures that Teams Rooms devices can seamlessly integrate with Microsoft Teams, enabling users to schedule and join meetings effortlessly. Furthermore, provisioning simplifies the deployment of Teams Rooms across multiple meeting spaces, streamlining the management process and enhancing the overall meeting experience for users.

For full guidance, check out Microsoft Docs.

5. Device installation

Once you have done all of the above, the big day is the day of installation! Finding the correct personnel to do your meeting room installation is critical to provide a good user experience for both the in room and remote participant.

Mounting the TV at the right height in relation to the meeting room table and furniture, ensuring the camera placement is at an optimal height for the in room participants to see and be seen, hiding away any excess wiring and cables are some of the example that all contribute to a great meeting room aesthetics and experience.

We don’t just offer consultation and design, Cackle also has a team that can deploy your meeting room hardware! Reach out and enquire here.

How to set up Microsoft Teams Rooms

Finally, remember simplicity is often the key to success. A great Microsoft Teams Room solution is designed to be easy to access for any team member, and offer an excellent user experience without the need for extra IT support.

If you are sold after reading this blog on how to set up Microsoft Teams Rooms, have a chat with us and tell us how we can help to kick start this journey for your organization. 

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