5 Ways Cloud Phone System Can Save You Money

5 Ways Cloud Phone System Can Save You Money

As organizations and businesses look to tighten spendings and cut cost due to global economic downturn in the post-COVID world, phone system is one area where many businesses that are still on legacy hardware can see big savings. 

If your business is still operating an on-premise phone system, now is the time to consider moving to cloud phone system or voice over IP. With a cloud-based phone system, the technology and infrastructure reside in the cloud – there is no physical server or on-going maintenance required as it becomes a hosted service. 

Cloud phone can provide significant savings on tight budget and still offer the same features and functionalities that you desire in a phone system. This helps promote employee’s productivity and boost efficiency in their communication externally and internally. 

Cackle, a New Zealand cloud phone system MSP servicing business of all sizes would like to share with our readers, the 5 ways cloud phone system can save you money in this current climate.

1. No big upfront cost

In the traditional on-premise PBX system, the initial expenses are high. Primarily due to the amount of upfront investment in servers and necessary hardware. In contrast, a cloud phone system cuts the capital expenditure by eliminating the need for purchasing servers or hardware altogether. 

The infrastructure is hosted and maintained by Cackle and we’ve taken care of the headaches for you. Businesses won’t need to worry about purchasing, installing or maintaining your own equipment to have a phone system up and running.

2. Lower business and on-going maintenance cost

Voice over IP give a fresh perspective to businesses because they no longer need to operate their own phone system onsite. The presence of having an team of IT pros to look after the essentials to address any arising issue for the phone system and hardware is redundant. 

Instances such as loss of a storage drive containing recorded voicemail, security vulnerability or system downtime doesn’t exist anymore. The internal IT team won’t need to spend hours to investigate and troubleshoot the root cause on a resolution, which ultimately cause missed opportunities and potential client loss. 

The general day-to-day support and maintenance is just the surface, in an article posted by ENA, there are hidden costs and risks associated to on-premise phone system, so don’t be tricked to think that it’s just an one-off expenditure!

With cloud phone system, all the monitoring, incidents, repairs and upgrades are handled and actioned by Cackle and our team of experts. This is a no brainer for small to medium business who may lack the professional knowledge and money for on-going maintenance.

5 Ways Cloud Phone System Can Save You Money

3. Security compliant

As many professional software suite and application moves to the cloud, cybersecurity has became so critical in this day and age. Large tech firm such as Microsoft implements vigorous and resilient security measure to their Teams Phone System which help protect sensitive data, industry information and intellectual properties from hackers of all sort.

Cackle employs robust end-to-end encryption protocols and network security measures to secure communication channels and ensures voice data, messages, and other sensitive information transmitted over the network are protected from unauthorized access. 

Our cloud phone system servers store and process data in secure, and certified datacenters. These facilities implement physical security, such as access controls, surveillance, and redundancy to safeguard against potential threats. 

Again, this circles back to a cost saving factor where business won’t require to hire professional IT personnel to overlook this aspect of the business. 

4. Scalability and mobility savings

Growing a business at rapid pace can pose its own set of challenges. During this process, you might find the need to recruit staff from different regions or even overseas. Additionally, the consideration of engaging outsourced firms to handle specific services may arise.

A cloud phone system offers a seamless and cost-effective solution for incorporating contractors or satellite offices into the business operations. The system enables the handling of calls answering, transferring, monitoring, and recording, as if the business functions as a unified entity. It allows the business to present a cohesive organizational image to the external world.

This also highlight that cloud phone system can facilitate the swift setup of new users within minutes. During COVID-19 pandemic, Cisco Webex calling, a popular cloud phone system solution that Cackle sells played a crucial role in helping organizations around the world as they navigate this new era of work. Onboarding of a new service at short notice no longer faces communication-related delays.

If you’re already sold on how much money cloud phone system can save for your business, reach out to our solution specialist for more information.

5. Disaster recovery with minimal downtime

When natural disaster strikes, catastrophic event occurs and in scenarios such as total power grid outages. On-premises may get damaged as a result and traditional phone lines are down leaving you disconnected for a sustained period of time. The impact on your business can be devastating. This is where cloud phone system and traditional on-premise PBX differentiates. 

One of the key advantages of VoIP in disaster recovery is its inherent redundancy and geographic flexibility. Cloud-based phone system stores communication server and data securely off-site, away from physical risks. In the event of a disaster, restoring the infrastructure can be done quickly and easily. This allows you to get your business back up and running swiftly, minimizing downtime and ensuring continuity.

Choosing cloud phone system is the future of telephony

Selecting the appropriate cloud phone system is a pivotal decision with profound implications for your business communication and productivity. By giving precedence to 5 ways that cloud phone system can save you money, moving away from an on-premise PBX solution becomes an easy conversation and decision to make.

Cackle collaborates with world leading providers in Cisco and Microsoft, harnessing their cutting-edge cloud phone systems for SMB. We’re here to kickstart your journey, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us today!

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