Working Remotely and Having The Right Tools

More companies are now embracing the remote work life. Approximately 5.3% are working from home now in America alone, and this trend is slowly increasing. Especially with the recent COVID-19 outbreak, business needs to start considering giving their employees the right tools to work remotely. 

The main culprit for this increase is thanks to the advancements in technology. With cloud based phone system and video conferencing, it allows employees to work remotely while still remain closely connected to your office communication infrastructure. It enables them to reach your workforce wherever they are, connect with clients and improve all aspects of your business, including customer service and employee productivity.

From a survey done by Buffer, the benefits and struggles of working remotely were:

A cloud phone system such as Cackle’s Cloud Hub, can ensure the continuity between your office and home. As a business owner or an employee, you can make sure your direct dial (DDI) follows you wherever you go. As long as you have your laptop or mobile with UC-One Communicator installed. All calls dialed to your DDI will ring on your devices without additional call forwarding. When you dial back, on the customer’s device it would appear as if you are calling from a NZ office number. Another benefit would be that when you are overseas, all calling rates will be NZ standard calling rates. This ensures that you are no longer bound to your physical deskphone at work, and can work anywhere you like without missing out on important calls and meetings.

Cackle Video allows for instant join, host or manage a video, audio or web meeting from any devices, at work or at a remote location. You can enjoy the peace of mind with enterprise-grade security, performance, manageability and scalability from a global solutions provider. The platform supports a zero download, browser-based meeting experience for any popular web browser. This means your employees and customers can join a meeting with one click and don’t have to waste time on unproductive tasks. Thus giving your customer the best video meeting experience. 

Save your time and travel expenses while at the same time achieving the face-to-face meeting result, especially with the likely-hood of any travel ban from the Corona-virus outbreak. Make sure you have the right video conference solution in place just in case any important meetings are required to be hosted online.

If your company is considering giving your employees the right tools to work remotely, feel free to contact us to see whether Cackle Video and Cloud Hub is the right product for you.

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