Microsoft Surface Pro 10 For Business vs Surface Pro 9

Surface Pro 10 For Business vs Surface Pro 9

Surface Pro 10 For Business vs Surface Pro 9

In Microsoft’s “New Era of Work” event on March 21st 2024, Microsoft focused on Windows Copilot and Surface devices for business customers and as one of the announcement, they introduced the new Surface Pro 10. While this model isn’t exactly the one available to the public, many of its notable features are likely to carry over. Although it isn’t a major overhaul from the Surface Pro 9, the Surface Pro 10 shows promise upgrades.

Surface Pro 10 For Business vs Surface Pro 9

Microsoft Surface Pro 10 maintains the same design as its two predecessors, offering a thin and light device that functions as both a laptop and a tablet. A key highlight is the inclusion of the AI-friendly Intel “Meteor Lake” chip, which is expected to perform well with Windows Copilot. Additionally, the Surface Pro 10 features a higher-resolution webcam with AI enhancements for improved image quality.

Let’s explore its most significant new features and compare Surface Pro 10 for Business vs Surface Pro 9.

Powered by Intel Meteor Lake Processor

Microsoft is branding the Surface Pro 10 as an “AI PC” due to its inclusion of the AI-friendly Meteor Lake chip. There’s been considerable excitement around “AI laptops” since Intel introduced its Core Ultra processors. Given Microsoft’s significant investment in AI, it’s no surprise they would want this chip in their flagship Surface devices.
So, what can Meteor Lake bring to the Surface Pro 10?

The chip’s Neural Processing Unit (NPU) is optimized for tasks often associated with AI, such as blurring backgrounds during video calls. This feature, among others, will enhance the device’s “AI-enhanced” 1,440p ultrawide webcam, which supports Windows Studio Effects.

Although you can use features like Windows Copilot on the Surface Pro 9 via the cloud, Microsoft’s AI chatbot should theoretically perform faster on the Surface Pro 10 since Copilot can run locally on the device. Of course, we won’t know for sure until we’ve had a chance to test the Surface Pro 10 ourselves.

Dedicated Copilot key on the keyboard

Some models of the Surface Pro 10 will feature a dedicated Windows Copilot key on the keyboard. While this might not seem monumental, it’s certainly worth discussing.

Back in January, we learned that Windows 11 keyboards would be getting a new Copilot key. This was significant because it marked the first new key addition since the introduction of the Windows key in 1994 — almost 30 years ago!! Laptops like the Dell and HP have already integrated the Copilot key, and it’s quite refreshing to see a new key on the keyboard.

Given that there’s now a Windows Copilot button on the taskbar (for most users), having a dedicated key for Microsoft’s chatbot makes perfect sense, especially on Microsoft’s own Surface devices. If AI takes off, which already seem to be the case, having instant access to Copilot with the press of a button could prove to be very useful.

Surface Pro 10 For Business vs Surface Pro 9

Better front facing camera

The Surface Pro 9 featured a 1080p front-facing webcam that was reasonably sharp and colorful. While it’s acceptable, it was nothing extraordinary. If you were underwhelmed by the Surface Pro 9’s webcam, you’ll be pleased to hear that its successor now boasts a 1,440p front-facing camera.

The new webcam supports Windows Studio Effects, including automatic framing, eye contact correction, and background blur. With a 114-degree field of view, Microsoft claims it’s the widest ever put into a Windows PC. Additionally, there’s a 10.5MP UHD rear-facing camera, a slight upgrade from the Surface Pro 9’s 10MP rear camera.

Given the prevalence of remote and hybrid work, having a reliable webcam for video conferencing is crucial. The same goes for those who frequently chat with friends or loved ones on apps like Discord.

What's right for you?

In closing, Surface Pro 10 for Business vs Surface Pro 9 – what’s the right device for you? To answer this question, Surface Pro 10 for Business is designed specifically for professionals, rather than individual consumers. Consequently, it misses out on some upgrades that tech enthusiasts might want, such as an OLED display. If you don’t need the latest features, the Surface Pro 9 is our recommended choice for everyday users over the Pro 10 for Business.

That’s not to say the Surface Pro 10 for Business isn’t a good device—because it is. Its updated hardware, particularly the Intel Core Ultra SoC, is a very nice improvement. If you’re a professional that require easy access to AI, Microsoft Surface Pro 10 for Business is the device to get.

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