Hearing Aid Compatible Headsets

Hearing Aid Compatible Headsets

The pain of noise for the hearing impaired

Noisy offices take a toll on all of us, and people with hearing loss are equally affected if not more. Whether it’s struggling to hear a colleague or have a phone conversation, hearing impaired people are often at an extra disadvantage in the workplace. It doesn’t help that sometimes hearing aids can actually amplify background noise, making things even worse. But fortunately, there are hearing aid compatible headsets.

These headsets can help hearing impaired wearers conduct calls in a better, more noise-free way. Finding the right headset is challenging enough as it is, if you’re using a hearing aid, there are a few extra considerations:

  • Speaker placement: If the headset’s speaker doesn’t sit properly over the hearing aid’s microphone, the wearer might not hear any audio at all.
  • Audio feedback: On the flip side, if the speaker is too close to the microphone, you may get that nasty ringing noise from audio feedback.
  • Physical fit: Finally, the mere presence of a hearing aid can make headsets impossible to fit comfortably on the ear.

Talk to our headset specialists and find a headset just right for you.

Telecoil is your best bet

There’s hope! Headset vendors like EPOS, Jabra and Poly are well known to have special headsets in their line of product that are hearing aid compatible.

Virtually every hearing aid these days is equipped with a telecoil. What is telecoil? It’s a tiny wire inside the hearing aid that can convert electromagnetic signals into sounds. The telecoil uses a hearing loop system that serves sound signals via an electromagnetic field that telecoil-equipped hearing aids can pick up.

This brings us to telecoil-compatible headsets. They’re a special group of office and call center headsets designed to take advantage of the telecoil technology. In addition to outputting sound regularly via speakers, they also provide an electromagnetic signal on top.

Hearing Aid Compatible Headsets - Explore your options

Telecoil business headsets come various type – For example, different wearing style, some are designed for physical desk phone while others for computer. You even have the option to choose between wired or wireless headset. 

Just getting your head around can be a mission, do reach out to our team of specialists to find the best option for you, contact us here as well as check out some of the options below:

Call Center Hearing Aid Compatible Headsets (HAC)

Poly EncorePro 510V Voice Tube Headset

Poly EncorePro 520V Voice Tube Headset

EPOS Impact SC 660 Telecoil Headset

Jabra GN2125 Noise Cancelling Telecoil Headset

Non-Call Center Hearing Aid Compatible Headsets (HAC)

Poly Blackwire C3225

Poly Blackwire C5220

Poly Savi W8210 DECT Wireless Headset

Poly Savi W8220 DECT Wireless Headset

These are just some of the compatible headset options. There is a solution that caters to all type of hearing aids, whether its invisible in-the-canal or behind the ear. To see the full range of HAC headset, have a look at our website by clicking the button below!

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