Cloud-Based Phone System with CRM

Cloud-Based Phone System with CRM

A Cloud-Based Phone System with CRM

Are you tired of information silos and time-consuming administrative work? Do you find yourself as a customer service rep always switching between CRM and phone system app to find customer’s information and real-time data? Cloud-Based Phone System with CRM integration is your answer.

The problem is that sometimes the more systems you add, the more complex things become. Here is how Cackle’s cloud-based PBX and CRM integration can greatly improve workplace efficiency. We’ll detail how this integration can help you and your business, so read on!

Why do you need this integration?

Every organization in today’s digital world is putting its effort into providing customers with the latest communication option. However, customers always expect a seamless communication channel so that they can receive responses to their queries effectively.

The integration of telephony and CRM allows you to combine calls and customer data into a single system that generates all call reports, conversation records are saved, and reminders of missed incoming calls are created. In the article, you will learn more about the benefits of integrating telephony Cloud and CRM.

Cloud-Based Phone System with CRM

If you’re already sold on this, contact our solution specialist today at [email protected] to book in a demo and discuss Cackle’s offering.

Increased efficiency and productivity

Cackle leverages Australian based company, Access4 and through the Go Integrator software suite, it unifies the phone system and your choice of CRM into one.

  • Improve the quality and professionalism of your call handling and the caller’s experience
  • Increase the productivity and collaboration of your phone system’s useres
  • Reduce the time and costs involved with making and receiving large amount of calls
  • Realise the full potentials of your hosted telephony solution


Call Control
Without needing to touch their handset, a Go Integrator user has access to a full range of control over inbound and outbound calls, including dialing, answering, transfer, consult and hang-up.

Caller Preview
For both inbound and outbound calls, if a match for the caller is located in any integrated CRM directories the caller’s summary details are displayed on screen.
Contact Searching & Popping
Concurrently search many supported business applications manually (as required) or automatically (as calls come in). If a caller is located in an integrated application, their full details can be quickly “popped” on screen.
Activity Logging
Record activity in business applications for all calls made and received. Integration into CRM creates a new client card that is automatically tracks emails, transactions, purchase history, documents, and the requirements of the client are in front of the eyes.
Recent and History Lists
Users can quickly view a list of the most recent calls that they have made or received, or a fuller history list of inbound and outbound calls. Any telephone number in these lists can be redialed with one click.
Unified Analytics
Collecting reports on the work of employees takes a lot of time from the head of the sales department and does not always give a complete picture. Integrated CRM collects data and automatically generates reports on calls, their duration and number for a certain period, on the results – whether they ended in a deal or not, and who negotiated.

Cloud-Based Phone System with CRM Supported Platform

See what CRM can be supported for better business outcomes.

Cloud-Based Phone System with CRM
  • Autotask
  • ConnectWise
  • HubSpot
  • Netsuite
  • Sage CRM
  • Zendesk

These are just some of the platform integration offered. To find out if your current CRM can be integrated, talk to our solution specialist today at [email protected]!

It's Never Too Late

When it comes to customer data, cloud phone systems and CRM integrations make it easier than ever for customer service teams to access the valuable information they need to provide excellent customer service and close more sales. By having accurate customer data at their fingertips, the team can make more informed decisions about what products and services to offer customers, when and how to reach out to them, and how best to serve them.

Reach out to us to discuss further and book in a demo here.


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