What is acoustic treatment?

What is acoustic treatment?

With open-plan office environment and modern design workspace growing in popularity, a need to evaluate the office acoustics has risen. Despite this, office acoustics can often get overlooked when measuring factors contributing to job satisfaction. Many organizations highlight the spending towards air quality, lighting, and thermal conditions as a priority for staff well-being. Whilst all of these are of great importance, organization also need to assess their office acoustics with the same level of detail. So, what is acoustic treatment?

Acoustic treatment is office soundproofing, it usually requires a more scientific approach in order to get to the root of the problem. However, in some cases, acoustic issues like echo and noise transmission can be solved in a relatively cost-effective manner by making subtle additions within the workspace.

We are an expert in meeting room video conference solutions and can help resolve the acoustic issues in your office environment. Talk to us for a free consultation today.

What is Acoustic Treatment?

Acoustic treatment involves implementing measures to regulate sound within a room. Typically, it consist of identifying various surfaces within the space or room that contribute to noise issues.

What is acoustic treatment?

When addressing room acoustics, there are numerous factors to consider and two primary ones being reverberation and noise transfer.

Reverberation: pertains to sound that propagates outward and then rebounds off hard surfaces such as glass, concrete or steel. For example, a meeting room with high ceiling, constructed with glass wall and windows will often suffer severe echo affecting the quality of the meeting.

Noise transfer: relates to sounds traversing through hard surfaces, such as a loud break room adjacent to a meeting room separated only by thin plasterboard walls. In this scenario, sound from the break room passes directly through the wall, disrupting employees engaged in a meeting.

We are an expert in meeting room video conference solutions and can help resolve the acoustic issues in your office environment. Talk to us for a free consultation today.

Ways to Implement Acoustic Treatment

Ceiling Panel

Acoustic ceiling panel is a huge aid for managing noise levels and reverb. While decorative materials such as plants and paintings are great instruments to enhance room acoustics, the ceiling panels can span across the entire room making it the best solution to mitigate any acoustic issues in the space.

What is acoustic treatment?
What is acoustic treatment?

The design options for ceiling panels are endless. From mineral wool to fibre glass, foam and specially designed materials. The panels can also be customized and configured into different shapes and sizes which adds another layer of aesthetics to the workspace.

Wall Panel

Acoustic wall panels can be designed as sound absorbers or sound diffusers depending on the intended purpose and outcome. Wall panel helps by deadening unwanted sound which leads to improved overall sound quality.

Beyond the functional benefits, acoustic wall panels also bring an aesthetic element to any space. Available in various designs, colours, and textures, they can seamlessly blend into the existing decor or become a striking focal point, adding a touch of sophistication and visual appeal.

Acoustic Blind

Acoustic blinds and curtains have emerged as a solution that can add to a room’s visual appeal while also addressing that most common of acoustical problems. 

What is acoustic treatment?
What is acoustic treatment?

Window furnishings such as blinds and curtains are a natural fit with most interior spaces. But unlike traditional window furnishings, acoustic blinds and curtains combine natural materials with unique fabric construction to maximize sound absorption.

Are you finding difficulty to stay focus in the office? Are you experiencing severe reverb in the meeting room? Are you hearing conversations around you due to intense echo? These are all symptoms of bad workspace and room acoustics. 

Study conducted by Workmind revealed that 60% of office workers are unable to concentrate due to poor office acoustics which affects the overall productivity, and well-being. Whether you’re in an open-plan office, a conference room, or a private workspace, the quality of the acoustics can significantly impact your work environment. Talk to our team of engineers today to help solve the room acoustics issue for your organization.

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