The best-in-class professional headset for remote work

Remote Work

For many people, remote work may take some time to figure out for themselves the best possible setup for getting things done. Covid-19 has really put this process to haste and for many cooperates and organizations, this trend is here to stay for the long haul.

Many would argue having a good desktop or laptop, or even a premium monitor is all you need to work from home but the most important piece of tech, in my opinion, is a good pair of headset.

Why? Hear me out.

Beyond the fact that a good headset will greatly improve audio quality and user experience when listening to music, it also solves another problem – two actually. Most of us who work from home regularly face the same two challenges. The first is the need to be able to hear and second, is the need to be heard on phone calls and video meetings. 

If that’s what you need, the EPOS ADAPT Line is your choice of headset. It will not only solve the above. By having the best-in-class headset will significantly boost call clarity, allow you to stay concentrated with active noise cancellation and in all honesty, you’ll feel really good about yourself!

When choosing the correct headset, it’s helpful to know about the latest innovation headset features:

NoiseGard™ technology – EPOS has raised the bar on adaptive active noise cancellation (ANC) technology with the introduction of the industry’s first UC certified adaptive ANC headset (ADAPT 660). Ideal for users in open office environments, it constantly monitors background noise and seamlessly adjusts to the correct level of suppression.

ActiveGard™ technology – During the course of a day, headset users may be exposed to rare, but hazardous, incoming noises that can be dangerous to their hearing. Known as a sound burst, this can potentially cause long-lasting damage to the ear. To safeguard users, all EPOS headsets for contact center and office environments are equipped with ActiveGard™ hearing protection.

Voice Clarity technology – For the best possible communication, this technology enhances the most important frequencies and details of the human voice. For the caller, sound is crisper and clearer, allowing them to hear subtle nuances of spoken communication; for the listener, a noise-cancelling microphone sends the clearest signal to improve speech intelligibility.

The ADAPT Line is the perfect solution for remote work. Made to match your style, with contemporary ergonomic designs that fit today’s flexible professional environment. Designed to enhance concentration with headsets that provide truly impressive ANC, enabling you to stay focused on the task at hand. 

State-of-the-art voice pickup technology enhances speech and eliminates unwanted background noise, in any environment. Not only that, exceptional microphone clarity delivers an excellent audio experience for both speaker and listener.

PC World Webinar

Why not listen to the brains behind EPOS yourself as they explain to you the importance of having the correct headset to enhance your hybrid work environment?

Join Dr Joseph Sweeney, and Hong Kiat Seah to discuss the technology and business strategies that help overcome issue with bad audio quality and explore how sound technology can significantly improve the concentration and efficiency of staff working from anywhere whether it’s remotely, on the go or at home.

Time & Date: Thursday 25th March 2021 / 1:00PM – 1:45PM NZDT


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