Microsoft Teams Rooms License Update

Microsoft Teams Rooms Basic and Teams Rooms Pro

The New Teams Rooms License Model

If your business is currently using Teams Room Standard and Teams Room Premium, you may have heard about the licensing change that is being introduced. From September 1st 2022, Microsoft is no longer offering the legacy standard and premium license for Teams Rooms. So, what is it being changed to?

  • Microsoft Teams Rooms Basic$0 USD per device per month, basic and limited features, limited to 25 devices per tenant with basic experience.
  • Microsoft Teams Room Pro$40 USD per device per month on an annual commitment. The Pro license is enabled for the full Teams experience, management portal, monitoring, alerting, reporting and other new features.

Note, the old and new license is not a 1:1 feature mapping between Standard and Basic and Premium and Pro. The Basic license is something new, while the Pro license removes the Microsoft support engineer team to provide people-based troubleshoots but going forward Microsoft will implement smarter AI and will add new features to the Pro license. There are important changes to understand.

Deciding which license to choose?

Microsoft Teams Rooms Basic makes it easier for small to medium business to create hybrid meeting experience. This license provides the foundational Teams meeting such as scheduling, joining meeting, and wireless content sharing into the meeting. The new basic license is loaded with the purchase of any certified Teams Rooms device out of the box, at no additional cost.

For larger businesses that require more than just basic features, Teams Rooms Pro is a new offering that brings together the value of existing features, new innovations, and the managed service platform — all in one license. Teams Room Pro will deliver the latest hybrid meeting experience focusing on inclusivity, ease of use, flexibility, security, and management.

Existing Teams Room Standard and Teams Room Premium licenses will be valid until the contract time ends. Larger customers with volume license agreements will be able to continue using and buying Microsoft Teams Room Standard licenses until their license agreement expires.

Check out Microsoft Docs for more information on the new license offering for Microsoft Teams Rooms. If you’re still unsure which license best suit your business need – No stress, reach out and have a chat with us – here.

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