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Historically telephony was a complex product that required significant technical skills and training to use, the advent of the cloud in combination with innovations such as zero-touch provisioning and self-serve online portals, means accessing this product is simpler than ever.

Cackle powered by Access4 can provide cross-platform technologies, from entry-level VoIP services to Microsoft Teams to cater for all parts of your business as we realize not all parts of your business may require the same technology but will require interconnectivity between these technologies.

The SASBOSS management interface developed and managed by Access4 is designed with the end-user in mind and is ready to perform a variety of tasks, simplifying the experience of your users.

Microsoft Teams Calling

Microsoft Teams Calling provides an already familiar interface for your users, creating a seamless environment for them to place calls & receive calls as they continue to enjoy the collaborative rich feature sets they’ve come to love. Unlike other migration experiences of the past the shift to Microsoft Teams is simple for users to adopt.

Since the introduction of Teams Calling, worldwide Microsoft outperformed Zoom in 2020 & increased their active user base by 894%

There are three components required to activate calling through Teams

  1. Microsoft 365 & Microsoft Teams
  2. Phone System License (two components) 
    1. Phone System License which is a requirement for Teams Calling
    2. Audio Conferencing for extended capabilities for connecting to a Teams Meeting with a land-line number.
  3. Microsoft Calling Plan OR you can achieve the same result through Direct Routing. (Access4 takes care of this for you)

Teams Basic

Allows up to 50 simultaneous calls to be offered to the end-user. Call functionality is provided through the MS Teams admin panel and can provide hunt groups, Call Queues and Auto Attendants.

Teams Enhanced

For features that are not included in the native Teams environment, you can utilize our Cisco additional add-ons to provide additional functionality such as CRM integration and call recording.

Enhanced provides an additional level of redundancy when required, allowing for calls to be taken from the BroadSoft platform when unable to utilise MS Teams.

Teams Channel

Allows for MS Teams call functionality, however, works on a contended model for the organization with purchasing only the number of channels required for the company.

And the benefits to a company…

  • Reduce the cost of providing telephony
  • Remove the need to buy large scale systems, which you have to hold onto for years to come
  • Remove unnecessary infrastructure on premise within offices.
  • Improve the ability of staff to collaborate from almost anywhere
  • Have a single number reach a user regardless of device or location
  • Deliver an identical platform regardless of location

Feature Comparison

Cackle’s cloud telephony from Access4 provides a simple user-based solution, we utilize market leading infrastructure built by Cisco Broadsoft that integrates with Microsoft Teams. You have the piece of mind that your solution is built using the same tools that the worlds largest Telecommunication companies use. This scale ensures reliability and quality with the simplicity you would expect from a cloud-based solution.

Available add-ons for Teams Enhanced

iCall Suite Analytics

Empower individuals and agents with dashboards, reports, and wallboards to enable them to take responsibility for their own call activity performance. Clearly presented, meaningful user performance KPIs help to motivate individuals and agents, enabling them to monitor their performance in line with personal and departmental targets

Call Recording

Call Recording is a PCI-compliant, fully featured solution for call centres and other operations looking for a robust, compliant voice recording solution. A sophisticated GUI for authorised operators allows total call recording management.

CRM Integration

An application that sits on your computer provided by Access4 that talks between the Access4 phone platform and a range of CRM applications. This allows you to log calls on the fly, click to call from within your CRM and bring up contact details of your customers when a call comes in.

There are many more feature that can be integrated into Microsoft Teams through Access4′ BroadSoft stack offering. If this sounds like a solution that can really help your business to keep telephony and collaboration to a single platform, talk to us today and book a demo session!

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