Google Meet

Elevating Collaboration
with Google Meet Rooms

In the constantly evolving realm of digital technology, the need for smooth communication and collaboration is now a critical requirement for businesses, regardless of their scale. To facilitate productive virtual meetings and boost efficiency, Google has unveiled an innovative solution: Google Meet Rooms, combined with certified hardware. These integrated resources are meticulously crafted to convert any area into a top-tier, user-friendly, and effective video conference room.

Unveiling Google Meet Conference Rooms

Meet is a robust video conferencing and collaboration platform developed by Google. It has gained immense popularity for its ease of use, reliability, and extensive feature set.

Focus/Huddle Room

A focus/huddle space meeting room is a small ad-hoc space (generally 3 x 3 meters in size) that can accommodate 3 to 5 people.

Small Room

A small meeting room is a meeting space suitable and accommodate between 6 to 8 people and generally 4 x 6 meters in size.

Medium Room

A medium meeting room is a meeting space that can accommodate up to 12 people. Ideally for 8 to 12 participants and generally 4 x 8 meters in size.

Large Room

A large meeting room is a meeting space that can accommodate up to 18 or more people. Generally, 6 x 10 meters in size.

Google Meet Features

One-click meetings

Deep integrations with Google Workspace make joining a meeting as simple as a tap on the controller or device screen. Register the room with Google Calendar, and your organisation’s Meet meetings will automatically appear with all of the details. Instantly present or share your screen wirelessly to collaborate with participants across the globe.

Companion Mode

With remote work, people are used to showing up as individuals. But with hybrid work, how can everyone enjoy the same collaboration equity no matter how you join? Companion Mode works with certified hardware to bring everyone together and gives you access to the same tools so that you can …

Meet everywhere

We are working to extend the power of the solution to many platforms including Glass Enterprise Edition 2. Meet on Glass makes it easy for field and on-site workers to securely connect over video in real-time and keep their hands free to perform tasks. Join the open beta and see for yourself.

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Benefits of Google Meet Rooms​

Enhanced Collaboration

Google Meet Rooms are equipped with advanced collaboration tools such as screen sharing, document collaboration, and real-time editing. This fosters effective teamwork, whether participants are in the same room or connecting remotely.

Clear Communication

High-quality audio and video capabilities, coupled with Google Meet’s reliability, guarantee clear and efficient communication during meetings. This minimizes misunderstandings and enhances engagement.


Google Meet Rooms are adaptable to various room sizes and layouts, accommodating small huddle spaces to expansive conference rooms. This versatility makes them suitable for organizations of all sizes and workspaces, including remote settings.

Centralized Management

Google provides centralized management tools to monitor and maintain Google Meet Rooms efficiently, ensuring that rooms remain up-to-date and functional.

Cost Efficiency

Certified Hardware options cater to diverse budget constraints, ensuring accessibility without compromising on quality or functionality.


As your organization grows, Google Meet Rooms can be easily expanded to accommodate additional meeting spaces, making them a scalable and future-proof solution.

Google Meet Rooms have redefined the way businesses connect, collaborate, and communicate.

These integrated solutions offer the technology and features needed to thrive in a digital-first world. Whether you are a small startup or a multinational corporation, implementing Google Meet Rooms can significantly enhance your organization’s communication and collaboration capabilities. Embracing Google Meet’s user-friendly and feature-rich platform ensures that you stay productive, connected, and competitive in the ever-changing landscape of modern work.

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