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CommBox Interactive Classic 75″ Display V3 4K Touchscreen

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Product Overview

CommBox Interactive Classic 75″ Display V3 4K Touchscreen CBIC75

CommBox Interactive Classic 55" Display V3 4K Touchscreen CBIC55

CommBox Interactive Classic 75″ Description

CommBox Interactive Classic 75″ Display V3 4K Touchscreen

Purpose Built

  • Designed for total student engagement

Technology you can rely on

  • Reliable screens backed by 5 years onsite warranty. Approved by the NSW Department of Education

Over 10,000 Installations

  • Over 10,000 screens already in schools. Use the screen Aussies schools trust

Built to Last

  • 9 years later we have CommBox screens still being used in Australian classrooms


  • Designed in Australia. Trusted Globally

Australia’s favourite premium touchscreen has evolved…


  • Digital Whiteboard
  • Web browser
  • Vivi
  • ClickView
  • CommBox Store (allowing download of other apps)
  • CommBox Connect (wireless connectivity)
  • Smart switching for guest connectivity
  • Digital Signage

All Without a PC or Laptop Connected…


  • The CommBox Whiteboard supports multi-touch and has an infinite canvas. Share & collaborate on your whiteboard, instantly.

Browse the internet

  • Ideate, share and collaborate through the built-in web browser.
  • For schools who choose not to add a PC to the back of the screen, Android Onboard enables browsing on the internet with the built-in browser. Access web-based programs at the touch of a button such as Google Classroom, Kahoot, Reading Eggs and more…

Easy Access Apps

  • Download apps from the CommBox Store and easily access them from your Classic V3 touchscreen.


  • Screenshare from your personal device to your interactive touch screen or commercial display with AirServer®.
  • AirServer® transforms a commercial display or an interactive touchscreen into big screen to showcase the content on your device.
  • User can use their own devices such as a Mac or PC, iPhone, iPad, Android, or Chromebook to wirelessly mirror their display over to the big screen, instantly turning the room into a collaborative space. AirServer® uses native Miracast, Airplay and Chromecast. Connect wirelessly without the need to install an app on your device. Simply walk into the room and connect.


  • One Touch Access to Training Resources
    Videos, Webinars, Guides & More. We could continue to tell you how great a resource our in-built training … or we could just show you

Designed in Australia

  • The CommBox touchscreens have 4K resolution, 20-point touch, and are simple to use. Providing a simple, clean interface that supports pedagogy with built-in web browser, whiteboard and screenshare. Classroom or staffroom interactivity has never been easier or more intuitive. Use the touchscreen solo, connect your personal device or add the optional PC to the built-in OPS slot. V3 is the most versatile CommBox Classic model yet. Based on the northern Beaches of Sydney, the CommBox development team continue to add new innovative features for our touchscreens with frequent OTA updates.

SUPPORT ALL Teaching and Learning types…

 The IB Teaching Style – Cycles of Inquiry

  • The CommBox Classic is the perfect partner for cycles of inquiry learning required by the IB program (PYP). An IB education aims to transform students and schools as they learn, through dynamic cycles of inquiry, action and reflection. Teachers enable and support students as they develop the approaches to learning they need – for both academic and personal success. Interactivity is required for each stage of inquiry and is seamlessly facilitated by the interactive screen. If your students are working in small groups within larger collaboration spaces, the Classic can be positioned to enable students to use the screen as they move around the room between stations. CommBox Connect allows multiple CommBox screens to broadcast content to each other.

Stylus Enabled Learning

  • Academic research by Mueller et al clearly demonstrates the importance of long hand note taking with paper and pen or digital paper and stylus to improve student’s factual and conceptual recall and understanding. This extends to the way teachers instruct in the classroom. Students have better retention and understanding of content when teacher write the notes on the board, underline, draw correlations, mind map and graph. It is critically important that an interactive touchscreen is at the front of the classroom to enable teachers to make notes on Powerpoint, in Class OneNote, in digital textbooks, alongside Youtube videos and more. Teachers that take the time to ask students to come up to the board to annotate on the screen will find that their students are more engaged and have better learning outcomes.

Visible Thinking

  • All schools want their students to think creatively, critically and deeply. Visible Thinking is a project of Harvard University that found that students can be taught thinking habits or routines that enable them to effectively observe, analyse, question and reflect on their thinking. These routines can be used alone or in a group. Collaborative thinking can be applied to any context. Interactive Touchscreens at the front of the classroom enable visible thinking as it allows the teacher and the student to document their thinking using tools like the shared Whiteboard, Miro or other mind mapping applications. When learners speak, write, or draw their ideas, they deepen their cognition. This thinking can then be shared and saved into the MS Class Notebook or into Google Classroom. It can be referred to or expanded on as the topic progresses. The Microsoft Whiteboard now has thinking templates already built-in, for example Know, Wonder, Learn (KWL).

Blended or Hybrid Learning

  • Blended learning combines teaching and learning methods from both face-to-face, mobile and online learning and it includes elements of both synchronous and asynchronous online learning options, such that some students will be learning virtually or remotely. The CommBox Classic is the main learning device for students who are in the classroom. Via Teams or Zoom students who are learning from home can connect remotely. If the Classic has a camera attached then the students at home can see the students in the classroom. The teacher can also be connected via their laptop and use the gallery view to see all the students at home on their laptop.

Flipped Learning

  • A flipped classroom is when the students engage with interactive content focusing on key concepts prior to class allowing face-to-face time for collaborative activities that clarify concepts and contextualise knowledge through application, analysis, planning and problem solving. A Classic interactive touchscreen supports this learning style by providing the tools needed to explore, mind-map, collaborate at the front of the classroom when students explore the findings from their homework preparation.

In-room front of class collaboration

  • A Classic interactive touchscreen is a fantastic main learning device for front of the classroom teacher or student led learning or collaboration. Teachers have the option of plug and play with their laptop or desktop to share learning content on their device. The built-in browser allows teacher to display content from the Internet. Built-in screen share means students can take over the device and present their learnings or their final work.

Features Built For TEACHERS

Built-in Whiteboard

  • The Classic Whiteboard works just as you expect. It allows you and your class to collaborate in realtime. Invite multiple students up to the front of the class to share their ideas, powered by our 20 point touch technology. You may prefer Microsoft Whiteboard, Jamboard, or any other whiteboard, with two touches you can jump there and start using it. Share these whiteboards with your class and collaborate in real time.

Write effortlessly, natural & fluid with CommBox IR

  • CommBox’s IR is an advanced finely tuned handwriting experience. This allows teachers to create more natural writing on the screen. CommBox IR also offers a smooth writing experience when used with HDMI, VGA, and other signal sources, ensuring maximum flexibility.

ScreenShot and Instant Access to the Cloud

  • Simply screenshot all the awesome whiteboard lessons and save collaborative sessions with your students right the Cloud via Google Drive or Onedrive.
Interactive Learning
  • One touch access to interactive tools no matter where you are.

Smooth One-Touch On-Screen Teacher Workflow

  • It is incredibly simple to switch between the built in Android features, your laptop and the Windows PC or Chrome Box added to the screen. The CommBox home screen and the side menu is only one click away. One click is all it takes to jump from browsing the Internet at the front of the class to a whiteboard session to synthesising the learning from the video. Easily go back to recently used apps.
Safety Built In
  • It’s important for all devices to be accessed only by those who should be able to access them. One touch lock and easy freeze mode gives teachers control over the learning device at the front of the classroom..

Annotate & Collaborate

  • With the CommBox Classic, you can annotate over everything on the screen. This includes all the apps on Android, plus all the apps in Windows or Chrome. This is great for expanding on content, drawing out relationships or further expanding on content.
    Dual Pens for simultaneous collaboration with different colours and split screen to allow more than one students to be sharing their ideas at a time.

Floating Educational Tools + Toolbar

The Classic screen comes packed with educational tools designed for teachers. The suite of tools includes:

  • Spotlight
  • Poll
  • Calculator
  • Timer

Use teaching applications you already know and love

  • We make teaching easy by allowing teacher and schools to teach with the applications they already know and love. The last thing a teacher needs is to have to learn a proprietary lesson delivery software that comes with just one type of touchscreen brand. Instead, schools and teachers are already investing heavily into the best of breed software offered by Google Education and Microsoft Education. Alternatively your school may have chosen Canvas or Blackboard. Every options works with a CommBox Classic.

Easy reliable screensharing

  • Most teachers prefer to do their classroom preparation on their laptop. This enables them to prepare for class from anywhere, home, the staffroom or the classroom. The Classic has built in screensharing. Each morning a teacher simply need to walk into the classroom and click the screenshare app on the laptop and all their work, in their favourite teaching applications, will be immediately visible for everyone in the class.
    But it’s more than that. You can connect any student device to the screen and allow their content to be displayed, discussed, built on and presented. This includes both laptops and tablets.

Work Seamlessly With Microsoft Ink

  • Leverage the full power of Microsoft Ink with CommBox Classic. Our interactive screens know the difference between the stylus and your finger and as soon as you start to write the draw option will be active, rapidly improving workflow on the screen.

Enjoy the Desktop Experience on the screen

  • Teachers can connect their Windows or MAC computer and deliver seamless interactive lessons with any of their favourite apps – Powerpoint, OneNote. You already know exactly how to use the screen because its exactly the same as your laptop.

Features Built For STUDENTS

Student Led Learning

  • In effective student-led learning, learners are strongly motivated to be working on topics that interest them, defining their own questions and then working collaboratively to investigate and synthesis the findings.
    Students love the option to showcase their work and present their findings to their classmates.
    In secondary school, students can be given the option to lead the collaboration session, present findings, and record results from class discussion. With the simple intuitive screen, students can use the Classic with no guidance.

Crystal Clear Learning

  • The rich 4K interactive screen, with anti-glare ensures all students can see the content on the screen clearly with minimal effort. The large screen sizes recommended for Australian classrooms ensures that all students in the room can see the board. Teachers can zoom in and out of content to make it clear or use the spotlight feature to draw student attention towards a key point.

Blue Eye Care

  • The CommBox Classic has built in eye care technology. Flicker free, low blue light and anti-glare. Rest easy knowing that your students wellbeing has been taken care in the screen design.


  • All students can utilise the features on the panel by leveraging the accessibility features built into Microsoft or Chrome. Install your screen onto a motorised stand which will allow you to set the screen height to the height of your student.
Clear empowering sound
  • The Classic comes with 2x15W speakers, offering great sound transmission that increases the level of clarity and enjoyment by students in the classroom.

Features Built For SCHOOLS

Multi-Platform Compatibility

The CommBox Classic provides flexible computing

  • Android experience
  • Windows experience
  • Apple experience

The CommBox Classic can work seamlessly with a wide range of computing and mobile devices running most major operating systems, from Windows to Mac, Linux and Chrome, through its plug-and-play feature.

Succeed with Remote Learning

  • The CommBox Classic empowers remote learning by offering an affordable Video Conference (Connected Classroom) option for all Australian Classrooms and Staff rooms. Bundle the CommBox Classic with the CommBox VC kit and a mobile stand and your school will have flexible and mobile remote learning option for any classroom, learning space or staff room.


  • The Store allows you to add Android apps onto your CommBox touchscreen or display. You can access the CommBox Store from the main Apps menu, which you will find by clicking the Apps button on the home screen of your CommBox touchscreen. From the Store you can install Miro, Monday, Stormboard, CommBox Signage and more. Keep checking the Store as new apps will be added regularly.

Technical Specifications

Click here for detailed specs

Additional Information

Product Manufactured by: CommBox

Product Found in: CommBox TV

Cackle Part Number: 504330

Manufacturer Part Number: CBIC75


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