EPOS ADAPT 360 Bluetooth Headset - Black (1000209)

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EPOS ADAPT 360 Bluetooth Headset – Black (1000209)

EPOS ADAPT 360 Description

Stay focused with EPOS ADAPT 360 ANC Bluetooth headset that reduces background noise, helps you concentrate in busy open offices and boosts productivity on-the-go. Ensure clear business calls with a solution optimized for UC and switch easily between devices as you multitask.

For the versatile workforce

Every workday is different – taking calls on the move, focused work in the airport, or a moment taken to enjoy music while working. Immerse yourself in sound or silence and switch effortlessly between the tasks and spaces of your working day with the ADAPT 300 Series.

Concentrate in noisy environments

Thanks to Active Noise Cancellation that reduces background noise to increase work focus

Switch effortlessly between your favorite devices

With multi-point connectivity to any two Bluetooth® devices simultaneously

Ensure clear and certified business calls

Certified for Microsoft Teams and optimized for UC

Enjoy stylish, functional design

On and off work with a contemporary look in black or white and soft, ergonomic ear pads for lasting comfort


  • Concentrate in noisy environments
  • Ensure clear calls with certified solution
  • Switch effortlessly between your favorite devices
  • Enjoy stylish, comfortable design
  • High-quality stereo sound and reliable performance



Additional Details

Product Manufactured by: EPOS | Sennheiser

Product Found in: Bluetooth Headsets

Cackle Part Number: CSE697

Manufacturer Part Number: 1000209





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