Asus Expertbook must have cast some magical spell on this laptop, because its incredible lightness doesn’t match the physical size of the 14-inch device. That illusion can be attributed to magnesium-alloy materials, which Asus claims to be lighter yet stronger than aluminum.

Speaking of magic, Asus’ unique colorways always play tricks on our eyes. The ExpertBook appeared to have a gray slate finish in our dimly lit office until my colleague, suspecting some trickery, aimed a flashlight on the lid, revealing its midnight-blue finish with a pearlescent sheen that glistened tiny pink and blue sparkles. The look is stunning, if a tad garish for more reserved business users.

On the semirough lid is a chrome Asus logo that reflects like a mirror. Open the lid, and you’ll find more chalky, midnight-blue surfaces. Thin plastic bezels flank a 14-inch display, but there is enough space above the panel for an infrared webcam with a sliding shutter.

You’ll notice when typing that the ExpertBook B9450 is slightly lifted from the back. This is because of the ErgoLift hinge, which tilts the deck downward to provide a more comfortable typing experience.

Because of the matte finish, I had no problems watching videos or writing articles in a sunny cafe with light beaming through surrounding windows. I just wish the screen were a tad brighter. Regardless, I enjoyed the saturated gold and red hues glistening off the superhero armor in a trailer for Wonder Woman 1984. The display is also plenty detailed, as I could see the tiny headstamp on the bottom of a floating bullet.

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