Acer Swift is a featherweight champion. At just 2.2 pounds, it is one of the lightest 14-inch notebooks ever made. Heck, it’s even lighter than the vast majority of 13-inch laptops on the market. Yet despite its size, the Swift 5 delivers long battery life to go along with a vivid 1080p display. And at $999 for a model with a Core i7 CPU and 512GB of RAM, this remarkably lightweight machine is priced to sell.

There are some kinks to iron out. The keyboard, while comfortable, has a frustrating layout for anyone who uses the “delete” key. Also, Acer sells the Swift 5 with only 8GB of RAM right now and its Core i7 CPU isn’t the fastest, so power users might want to look elsewhere. Still, the Swift 5 is a fantastic laptop if portability is a priority.

It was one of few laptops that gives a genuine “wow” moment. That rare feeling happened when I lifted the laptop and felt its remarkably lightweight chassis. Surely, this was a prop — some hollowed-out gag posing as an Acer laptop. Then a magic trick: I lifted the lid and the display turned on.

If the portability of this magnesium-alloy chassis doesn’t grab your attention, its alluring pearlescent hue will. Acer calls it charcoal blue, but think more indigo with a dab of green. If that wasn’t eye-catching enough, Acer went with a gold font on the keys; Some might find the color combo to be a tad garish but it works for me.

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