Mac Pro has enjoyed a reputation as being one of the best Macs to date. Even in the shadow of iMac 2019, which recently got a massive update for 2020, or even the formidable Mac Pro 2019, it’s still among the best all-in-one computers on the market.

Thanks to its high-end PC components and exceptional features all packed in that traditional, stylishly thin iMac chassis, the iMac Pro deserves all the commendations. However, what really makes it the ideal tool for professionals and content creators alike is that it’s finely-tuned to revolutionize any creative workflow.

Naturally, it also comes at a steep price. While it’s much cheaper than the Mac Pro, it’s still much more than what most consumers are willing to spend for general use. On the other hand, if you’re a professional in dire need of a workstation to streamline your workflow, it pays for itself in the long run. Short of going broke on the Mac Pro and its display, the iMac Pro is the best tool you’ll find out there for such computing demands.

In spite of the iMac Pro looking like your classic iMac, its internal components are targeted purposely at professionals, with its workstation-level hardware that can absolutely take on a lot more than most people need for their day to day workload without any issue.

With all that great power comes a great price to match. But, if you’re a professional photographer, game designer or architect, then the iMac Pro is undeniably a solid purchase.

Finally, Cackle Telecommunications is proud to provide Apple Mac Pro to NZ businesses. Explore our selection to find the solution that’s right for you.


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