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The world is changing rapidly. So are the ways we communicate and the communication technology we use. New platforms and apps are enabling businesses and employees to talk, share and collaborate seamlessly across time zones, distance and geography. But with continually changing needs and demands, many businesses are uncertain how to adapt or select the right platform to use. Cackle’s phone system is your solution.

With UCaaS (Unified Communication as a Service), you will have the confidence of knowing that you are set for the future.

UCaaS is something that more and more companies are embracing as they recognize the value of migration away from a traditional premise-based approach and the value of emphasizing other communications channels along with voice for employee collaboration and customer engagement within newer digital environments.

High Availability

Our network has been built with business continuity in mind. Our Server and phone system equipment are housed inside data centers with geographically diverse location to ensure your business communications will continue if one location goes completely offline.

Each and every BroadSoft server have at least one back up unit at a different location. With full redundancy and failover in mind, the system is designed to run sophisticated algorithms to  monitor each server’s ability to process product features and automatically switch over in events of failure for disaster recovery.

Not Just Your Standard Phone System

Cloud Hub’s Phone System is more than a standard VoIP phone system; it’s a cloud-based IP telephony solution.

One of the biggest advantages of cloud voice solutions is that calls are processed outside of the customer’s premise improving business continuity. If there is a power outage in the office, calls will be processed as usual and will be delivered to your mobile phone or can easily be re-routed to another location.

Hosted Service

All you need is an acceptable internet connection for Cloud Hub. This means minimal upfront cost and you won’t have to pay for ongoing maintenance of the PBX equipment, mechanical malfunctions or additional IT hours to keep your phone system up and running.

We have a dedicated support team that will monitor and fully manage the ins and outs of your Cloud Hub Service. Spend more of your time on moving your business onward and upwards rather than worrying about your phone system.

Some of the features Cloud hub offers

Hunt Group

Direct incoming calls to a specific group of extensions, allowing idle user in the group to answer the call if another line is busy. 

Auto Attendant

A voice menu system that allows callers to be transferred to a team or extension without going through a telephone operator or receptionist. 

Call Recording

Enables conversation to be recorded in a digital audio file format. It provides you with the ability to retrieve, playback, store and share the recording. 

Music On Hold

This feature plays a recording of music and/or speech when an inbound caller. It is a vital feature to let 

Call Forwarding

A feature that enable inbound calls to be forwarded or redirected to any alternate number when the line is busy or not answered. It may be forwarded to either an extension, direct inward dial or mobile number.

Calling Line ID

CLID is a method by which inbound calls made can be identified by their number of origin and in some cases the name of the person or organisation that is associated with the number


This can be set as an individual mailbox or centralized voice portal that allow inbound callers to deliver information between users when they are not present.

CRM Plug-In

Customer Record Management assists your business reduce your time to look up customer records and allow customers to be greeted in a personalized approach.

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