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what is cCaaS?

Contact-Center-as-a-Service solutions offer many ways to empower your business by maximizing every agent’s talent. Far from a simple tool or piece of software that call center representatives use to engage with customers. Today’s CCaaS provide a wealth opportunities to enhance other elements of the operation.

Real-Time Report

Cloud Hub CCaaS provide comprehensive analytics which helps call center to identify where agents can be coached to produce better service. 

It has a convenient dashboards for training and monitoring their staff, jumping on a customer call if needed or simply listening in to monitor agent’s performance. Reports can help supervisor to schedule agents based on the volume of calls as well as skilled based call queuing via the web supervisor application.


As with all Cloud Hub services, Call Centers can be set up within minutes, with no installation of software or onsite configuration required. You can have as many employees connected to a single Call Center as needed, or have your employees connected to multiple Call Centers. If you are a UC-One Communicator user, you can be connected to the Call Center no matter where you are.

Call Centre Types

Cloud Hub Call Centre Capability

There are three types of Call Centre solutions available; Basic, Enhanced and Premium. Each of these have the same core function to queue the call and deliver to an agent/end-user as they become available.

Basic Call Centre
Queue Capacity: 25
Enhanced Call Centre
Queue Capacity: 50
Premium Call Centre
Queue Capacity: 525

Basic Call Centre

Generally more suited to very simple requirements such as queuing calls for a receptionist or simple service desk.

Enhanced Call Centre

Suitable for more complex solutions including service support queues.

Premium Call Centre

Designed for complex call centre requirements, where the end user has the requirement to tag type of call they had, change the outbound caller id per call or a supervisor needs the ability to listen in on calls of the end user.

Build your call centre anywhere in the world

Call Center Solution

BroadWorks Call Center provides an integrated, full-featured solution with all the benefits of the advanced voice and multimedia applications. This is a hosted Call Center solution enabling business of any size to build a comprehensive, feature-rich call center anywhere in the world – with no hardware, software or upfront capital expenditures.

Delivers a comprehensive call center solution that serves the small and medium enterprise market.

Have an overview of your contact centre

Call Centre Web Applications

Agent Web Applications

The agent has the visibility of the queue and how many people are in the queue. This allows them to respond to the customers as needed during peak times, e.g. triage non-important calls and call those customers back at another time. Calls can be escalated to a supervisor from within the application and the agent can chat with other users using messaging.

Supervisor Web Application

The supervisor client is the same as the call centre agent with the addition of reporting functionality. This allows the supervisor to visually see the call centre, assign agents, set reports to run or view in real time and to manage the queue, e.g. can  silently monitor or barge in to take a call.

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