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We have partnered up with two industry leading brands, Access4 and BroardSoft. Global leader in cloud business software for unified communication as a service (UCaaS), provider of collaboration and contact center as a service (CCaaS).

Broadsoft is the chosen UCaaS platform for nearly half of the UCaaS users worldwide, and it’s popularity is due to its quality, ease-of-use, reliability and other factors that matter. It offers seamless transition to the future.

Global Market Leaders in Unified Communication

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Manage your UC platform with ease

SASBOSS™ is a web portal developed by Access4 that allows you to manage your business’s billing, provisioning and support. This makes ordering and deploying your unified communication solution simple and easy.

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Fully integrated to UCaaS and CCaaS cloud communication platform, it offers many advanced features which automates your invoice from the date the service was provisioned to the time the service is terminated.

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Configure your voice services with an intuitive web portal that manage call delivery, call forwarding, voicemail and more. With zero touch provisioning (ZTP) available, adding hardware devices become as simple as plug and play.

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SASBOSS has you covered. Managing services is available directly through a series of Walk Me that is shown to you on screen. Customer can also monitor voice and call quality on the web portal. 

Track and Observe

Call reporting - usage and monitoring

Call Stats Dashboard provides information about the calls made. Allowing your business to know where, when, and how calls are made for reporting and billing purposes.

Call Quality Dashboard provide details of VoIP quality on inbound and outbound calls. It shows an industry based MOS number that provides a benchmark for call quality.

Cloud Phone System

Featuring a Pay Per Use Per Month Plan.

Enabled with all the PBX features plus more. Cloud Hub is a fully integrated communication system for your business.

SIP Trunking

A solution for customers that are currently using on-premise PBX looking to migrate to SIP. This service offer that seamless transition for your company.
Still holding onto your on-premise equipment without spending a buck on phone system hardware on the migration

Contact Centre as a Service

Cloud Hub Contact Center is at the heart of an organisation's customer relation management framework.

Cloud Hub Contact Center solution included 3 different tiers of Call Center feature.

UC One Communicator

Collaboration tool and platform for staffs to instant messaging, video calling, screen share and more.

It can also be used as a soft phone with all the phone system features integrated to the software application on your desk phone or mobile app.

Cloud Hub Offerings

Ideal for business professionals who collaborate in cross-functional, distributed or global organisation and require a multi-device integration. 

It offers the ability to find colleagues in a flash through instant messaging or start a voice/video call with a click of a button. Cloud Hub is also a platform to share file and screen share seamlessly between multi-user across multiple devices.

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Cloud Phone or Cloud PBX might be relatively new term, but it’s been around for a while. It means the phone service is delivered through the internet.

The main requirement of a cloud-based phone system is the ability to deliver calls over the internet, route inbound calls to the correct workers inside a company and provide telephony applications like voicemail and call recording. Basically, it’s very similar to your on-premise PBX system but shifted to the cloud.

The biggest advantage of Cloud PBX is that, no matter where your offices are located, all of them can be connected to the same instance of Cloud PBX. Employees from one office can connect to another by just dialing the internal extension number.

It is a cost-saving solution for SMB.

UC refers to Unified Communications. It is a phone system that integrates multiple communication methods within a business.

It is a solution that brings together different ways your business communicates and allow the staff to work with each other more seamlessly under one system, propelling your business and making the process much more efficient.

UCaaS stands for Unified-Communications-as-a-Service. It’s an approach to unifying business communication tools into a single, streamlined platform; bringing together services such as VoIP, video conferencing, collaboration tools, file sharing, instant messaging and more.

Yes, internet connection is required as Voice over IP is an internet-based service.

No, however if you are installing a larger solution on ADSL, you may want to consider upgrading your internet to optical fibre connection

In most cases ADSL and VDSL is enough for small companies. Cackle Cloud Hub uses G.722 voice codec and it requires a minimum of 87.2 kbps of bandwidth.

For larger deployments, we do recommend customer to be on fibre as call quality can be compromised due to poor internet service.

Yes and no. If you are already using an IP phone, our phone system supports a variety of make and models. Call us to check if your existing phone is compatible with our phone system.

For customers who are switching over from traditional telephone network to VoIP. It is required to purchase the correct equipment to be used.

Phones can be supplied by Cackle via a one-off purchase or on a rent to buy basis.

Alternatively, Cackle Cloud Hub offers softphone application so you wouldn’t need a physical desk phone.

It is certainly possible to port existing numbers over to Cackle Cloud Phone, as long as the vendor has available numbers with the requisite area code, the business should be able to continue using the old number.

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