Microsoft Teams Phone

the intuitive experience that makes Microsoft Teams Calling The Platform of Choice

What is Microsoft Teams Phone?

Microsoft Teams is one of the most widespread application for collaboration in businesses and organizations globally. By adding Teams Phone System it empowers your staff to make and receive calls with all the telephony features within one single Teams App. Simplify your enterprise voice service with an all-in-one app that is reliable, high-quality and carrier-grade.

Teams Phone Interface

All-in-One App For communication and collaboration

Teams Calling App

See it in action

Teams Phone System Features

Enabled for rich, reliable, and secure calling

Desktop & Mobile App

PC, Mac, and mobile devices with a simple installation of the Teams client that is synced across the supported platform

Certified Devices

Make and receive calls from devices certified for use with Teams, including intuitive screens and controls to enhance the Teams calling experience

Presence Call Routing

Controls inbound communications with user presence, enabling the user to block all incoming communication except from those specifically indicated


Access, listen to, and review your voicemails using playback controls, voicemail summary, and transcripts

Transfer Calls

Transfer a call to another person with blind transfer or consult with them before transferring the call

Forward Calls

Redirect calls to another number and never miss a call, or set up a call group so your team can step in while you’re unavailable

Spam Call Blocking

Identifies, filters and decline likely spam calls and allow legitimate calls passthrough the phone system


Distinctive Ring Alerts

Lets users choose separate ringtones for normal calls, forwarded calls, and delegated calls so they can determine the type of call

Auto Attendant

Provide a set of menu option of choices that guide callers to their destination quickly, without relying on a human operator to handle incoming calls

Call Queues

Waiting areas for callers to connect to the group of agents who can assist them with greetings and comfort music while they wait

Call Park and Retrieve

Park a call to place it on hold and generate a unique code for other agents to retrieve and continue the conversation

Call recording

Stipulate when calls and online meeting should be recorded using policy-based recording with a certified third party solution for Teams


How does Teams Calling change your business?

Stay connected with a modern calling solution – Make and receive voice or video calls directly in Teams, and stay in touch while you focus on business critical cases anywhere.

Simple Management


Centrally manage the phone system and endpoints from Teams Admin Center for easy administration with much more control and flexibility for ongoing maintenance.

Flexibility & Agility


With a working internet connection, teams can easily have full access to the company phone system from anywhere in the world on multiple devices.

Cost Saving


Switching from traditional landline phone system to Teams Calling means more features and considerable cost saving on hardware, maintenance, and monthly phone bills.

Highly Secure


Teams Phone System is designed and built with end-to-end encryption at the highest security ensuring calls and data are fully protected.

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