Cloud Phone Systems for SMB

Cloud Phone System For SMB

There is a misconception that cloud-based phone systems primarily cater to large enterprises with intricate IT needs and substantial budgets. However, small and medium businesses are increasingly realizing significant advantages, such as cost-effectiveness, scalability, and the flexibility to manage calls from any location. We’ll provide a comprehensive guide on cloud phone systems for SMB in this blog.

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Amid the pandemic, small and medium size businesses widely adopted cloud technologies as the shift to remote-based business communications prompted a reassessment of the suitability of an on premise telephony server. Essential platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Webex and Zoom played a pivotal role in facilitating business communications.

As the trend toward digital collaboration and communication persists, cloud technologies have demonstrated their value, prompting businesses to seek additional benefits from their usage. Small and medium size organizations are now directing their focus towards telephony, aiming to consolidate their business communications effectively by embracing comprehensive cloud phone systems.

Why are SMB moving to cloud phone system?

The advantages of cloud phone systems for small and medium sized businesses are extensive, with a growing number recognizing these benefits, including:

  • Cost-savings: Cloud phone systems offer enhanced cost efficiency, slashing telephony expenses by 40-80% for the typical business. In contrast to landlines, the overall expenditure on installation, setup, and maintenance is significantly reduced. Global calls, when made through the cloud, come at a much more economical rate. Additionally, these systems provide greater flexibility in terms of plans and offer more customized solutions tailored to your business needs.
  • Business continuity: An essential advantage of cloud phone systems lies in the instantaneous flexibility and agility they provide, particularly crucial for remote work scenarios. Unlike static landline desk phones, cloud phones liberate your number from a specific location. This enables you to receive and make calls seamlessly from devices such as mobile phones or laptops, fostering more efficient and effective communication with customers.
  • Scale up easily as you grow: A cloud phone system enables you to effortlessly and promptly modify the number of users based on your business needs. As your business evolves, you also gain access to new features and functionalities seamlessly integrated into cloud phone systems.
  • Reduction in IT time and resource: Transitioning to a cloud phone system allows you to bid farewell to cumbersome equipment and intricate hardware. This translates to reduced time spent troubleshooting issues related to legacy PBX equipment and less back-and-forth communication with telecom companies.

What are the options for cloud phone systems for SMB?

The usage of Microsoft Teams, and Cisco Webex experienced a surge during the pandemic, becoming indispensable tools for millions of businesses meeting their hybrid working needs. While the video conferencing features of these platforms are well-known, fewer are aware of their capabilities as cloud phone systems. Initiating calling functionalities in Microsoft Teams or Webex involves connecting to the PSTN, and both platforms provide various options for achieving this.

Microsoft Teams Calling

Microsoft Teams stands as the fastest-growing application in Microsoft’s history and exhibits no signs of deceleration. As of 2022, statistics indicate that Teams boasts over 270 million users, a notable increase from the 145 million reported in 2021. The widespread adoption of Teams is not unexpected, given its inclusion as part of the Office 365 license, incurring no additional costs for users. Beyond this, Teams delivers industry-leading functionality encompassing instant messaging, document sharing, video collaboration, and tailored customization options tailored for small businesses.

For small and medium size businesses, the cloud-based phone system in Microsoft Teams offers a streamlined process for connecting Teams Phone and enabling to place external calls directly within the platform, providing a cohesive and integrated communication solution.

Cloud Phone System For SMB

Cisco Webex Calling

Webex Calling is Cisco’s flagship cloud calling solution that boasts a user base of 13 million globally. Positioned as a contemporary cloud-based calling solution suitable for businesses of all sizes, it offers an enhanced calling experience, allowing users to transition from traditional PBX hardware to a scalable cloud calling alternative. Webex Calling encompasses features such as call control, voicemail, business texting, mobility, and voice queuing.

This solution is deployed on the globally accessible and geographically redundant Webex Platform. As an integral component of a comprehensive collaboration suite, it seamlessly integrates with other tools like Meetings, Messaging, Polling, Events, async video, and Contact Center. The entire suite is efficiently managed through a centralized management hub, providing administrators with a unified and streamlined administration experience.

Cloud Phone System For SMB

Choosing cloud phone system is the future of telephony

Selecting the appropriate cloud phone system is a pivotal decision with profound implications for your business communication and productivity. By giving precedence to features like scalability, reliability, integration capabilities, mobile accessibility, collaboration tools, and security, are some of the main features to look for in a cloud phone system. With these consideration, you can make a well-informed decision that caters to the distinctive needs of your organization. Invest time in assessing various providers, explore trial options, and solicit feedback from users to guarantee that the chosen cloud phone system proves to be a valuable asset for your business.

Cackle collaborates with world leading providers in Cisco and Microsoft, harnessing their cutting-edge cloud phone systems for SMB. We’re here to kickstart your journey, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us today!

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